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Inuksuk Contest

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Inuksuk Contest

INUKSUK CONTEST The Seafest 2020 Inuksuk competition is aimed at creating new Inuksuit. Existing works may be entered, providing they meet the rules stated below, but priority will be given to new works. The competition is open to all permanent and summer residents of the Town of Yarmouth and the Municipality of the District of Yarmouth. Works do not have to be permanent.

  1. ALL NATURAL MATERIALS – No plastics, metals or other man-made materials may be used. Any wood must be in its natural state. No manufactured paint or other colourings may be used.
  2. NO ADHESIVES – No sort of glue, cement or mortar may be used in the design.
  3. NO POWER TOOLS OR EQUIPMENT – The work must be assembled without use of any electrical, motorized or hydraulic tools or equipment. Non-powered equipment, such as winches, levers or block & tackle is acceptable. Use of motor vehicles to transport materials to the building site is also acceptable.
  4. In the interest of safety the maximum height of the work may be no greater than 2 metres (6 feet, 6 inches) from ground level to top.
Submit a photo of your inuksuk to info@seafest.ca along with your name and contact information and location of the inuksuk for on location judging to enter the contest. The competition opens on July 14th . All entries must be received by midnight on July 22nd. Entries will consist of a photo or video of the completed work submitted in person or by email. The judges will then select three finalists from the submitted entries First, second and third place winners will be announced by July 23rd. FIRST PRIZE: -------------------------------- SECOND PRIZE: ---------------------------- THIRD PRIZE: ------------------------------- While entries will be judged in part on originality, entrants are reminded that Inuksuit are a cultural heritage of the Inuit and other Arctic peoples and that heritage must be treated with respect. For more information, see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inuksuk.

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